Estate Planning and
Wealth Transfer

Estate Planning and Wealth Transfer

A well-designed estate plan provides assurance to our clients that their assets will be used to benefit the people or institutions that they choose, in the amounts that they choose. It begins with a candid discussion of client goals and objectives.

While we do not offer legal advice, in conjunction with our client’s other advisors, we will discuss the various options available to our clients. Our focus is to provide the proper liquidity to ensure the smooth transition from one generation to the next.

Charitable Planning

At a time when social responsibility has taken on increasing importance, charitable planning offers a strategic way for you to connect to causes for which you and your family feel passionate. Whether your aim is to develop a philanthropic legacy for your family, or simply to support your community, tax-favored aiding programs create ongoing opportunities to transfer family assets to public and/or private charities. These charities often include family foundations that are managed by family members, in which the family retains control over the gifted assets and access to income generated by these assets. Often, charitable planning provides a balance to estate and life insurance plans, while taking on personal meaning for you and your family. We offer creative solutions aimed to achieve your personal or familial philanthropic goals without interrupting your family’s long-term financial possibilities.


An important component to any estate plan is gifting, which allows you to reduce the size of your taxable estate by strategically transferring the wealth you have worked so hard to create for your family members.

Gifting enables you to take advantage of the substantial tax advantages available through the use of lifetime gifts. Thoughtful use of these gifts through the use of planning vehicles such as trusts and life insurance can help maximize the value created for your heirs. We can help you determine a gifting strategy that is consistent with your planning objectives.